February 15, 2018


Luke 4:1-13

1When Jesus returned from the River Jordan, the power of the Holy Spirit was with him, and the Spirit led him into the desert.2For forty days Jesus was tested by the devil, and during that time he went without eating. When it was all over, he was hungry.

3The devil said to Jesus, “If you are God's Son, tell this stone to turn into bread.”

4Jesus answered, “The Scriptures say, ‘No one can live only on food.’ ”

5Then the devil led Jesus up to a high place and quickly showed him all the nations on earth.6The devil said, “I will give all this power and glory to you. It has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to.7Just worship me, and you can have it all.”

8Jesus answered, “The Scriptures say:

‘Worship the Lord your God

and serve only him!’ ”

9Finally, the devil took Jesus to Jerusalem and had him stand on top of the temple. The devil said, “If you are God's Son, jump off.10-11The Scriptures say:

‘God will tell his angels

to take care of you.

They will catch you

in their arms,

and you will not hurt

your feet on the stones.’ ”

12Jesus answered, “The Scriptures also say, ‘Don't try to test the Lord your God!’ ”

13After the devil had finished testing Jesus in every way possible, he left him for a while.

Getting the most from God's Word

As you embark on this Journey, here are four steps to invite God's Word to challenge and encourage you.

  1. Pray

    Pray with focus and openness to see what God has for you. God, connect with me here, as I seek You in your Word.

  2. Read

    Read the selected section of scripture slowly. Take note of intriguing words and phrases. Read them a second time.

  3. Reflect

    Reflect on what strikes you as you read. What does this passage of Scripture teach you about God's values?

  4. Respond

    Respond to the passage. Speak to God directly about what's on your mind and hear. Look for ways to live out what you've uncovered.