Day 1 of 12

The Christmas Story

John 1:1-5

1In the beginning was the one

who is called the Word.

The Word was with God

and was truly God.

2From the very beginning

the Word was with God.

3And with this Word,

God created all things.

Nothing was made

without the Word.

Everything that was created

4received its life from him,

and his life gave light

to everyone.

5The light keeps shining

in the dark,

and darkness has never

put it out.

John 1:9-14

9The true light that shines

on everyone

was coming into the world.

10The Word was in the world,

but no one knew him,

though God had made the world

with his Word.

11He came into his own world,

but his own nation

did not welcome him.

12Yet some people accepted him

and put their faith in him.

So he gave them the right

to be the children of God.

13They were not God's children

by nature or because

of any human desires.

God himself was the one

who made them his children.

14The Word became

a human being

and lived here with us.

We saw his true glory,

the glory of the only Son

of the Father.

From him all the kindness

and all the truth of God

have come down to us.